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Transportation in Santa Ana


Because of its location as a crossroads between major Sonoran north-south and east-west highways, Santa Ana is a common connection point for bus travelers.

For example, if you are in Nogales and want to get to Caborca, if there aren't any direct buses to Caborca you can take the bus to Santa Ana and wait for a westbound Tijuana bus to get a ride to Caborca.

And if you are new to a Mexican town and want to get a tour, you can always call a taxi driver to show you around - the number for the Santa Ana Taxi Stand is (641) 324-0126.


Click here to see a map of sites of interest in Santa Ana Sonora


Gral Anaya - Carretera Internacional 2
(641) 324-3200

Transportes Pacifico
Calle 5 de Mayo 301
(641) 324-0199

Transportes Norte de Sonora

Calle 5 de Mayo 503
(641) 324-1063

Bus Station Taxi Stand
(641) 324-0126

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